DERMAQUAL mesotherapy meso-cocktails for Aesthetic Professionals

DERMAQUAL mesotherapy micro-needling cocktails

DERMAQUAL mesotherapy micro-needling cocktails line for Aesthetic Professionals

  • Rejuvenating, whitening, slimming, fat & cellulite reducing, hair restoring serums.
  • Reduce the appearance of all the major visible signs of ageing.
  • Help support the underlying structure of skin.

DERMAQUAL is a guarantee of quality and reliability for the physicians’ best practices and satisfactory results.

Dermaqual is a Paris-based laboratory specialized in Aesthetic & cosmetic solutions.

It has been established by specialized doctors and veteran scientists with extensive experience in related practices and protocols to meet the needs and requirements of professionals in supplying mesotherapy cocktails and solutions.

With its top-of-the-notch world-class scientists leading innovations and designing ideal formulas for all cosmetic treatments and aesthetic applications, Dermaqual ensures unrivaled quality for the physicians’ best practices and satisfactory results. Read more


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