Mccosmetics – Hyaluro Peptide Repair


  • Complex of amino-peptides,
  • Regenerating and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,
  • Brightening,
  • Reducing dark circles.
  • 30 ml

Mccosmetics – Hyaluro Peptide Repair

Mccosmetics – Hyaluro Peptide Repair is a combination of hyaluronic acid with a complex of amino-peptides for a youthful-looking skin, regenerating and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, adding a brightening effect and reducing dark circles appearance.

  • Recovery complex for smooth and radiant results.
  • It hydrates the skin and locks in moisture.
  • Restore your skin with this unique serum for intense hydration and improve skin elasticity.
  • Formula with effective ingredients that will allow minimizing static and dynamic wrinkles.
  • Simultaneously, its calming properties reduce under-eye puffiness due to fluid accumulation.

Main characteristics

  • Product category: Professional
  • Main ingredients: Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5, Sodium Hyaluronate
  • Routine step: Treatment
  • Frequency: Daily use
  • Type of skin: All skin types
  • Treatment area: Face
  • Recommended: Wrinkles, dark circles


Apply after cleansing the skin. Apply a few drops and gently pump around the eyes, after sliding with circular movements until it’s totally absorbed. Apply in the morning and evening.


  • The company is specialized in manufacturing and exporting cosmetic products developed for the health, beauty and wellbeing sector.
  • The main goal is to satisfy the clients’ needs offering them effective solutions for facial and body treatments through the best selection of active ingredients.
  • All the mccosmetics products are created due to the expertise and research of capable professionals with years of experience.

The company guarantee:

“We want to offer our clients long term trust based on mutual benefits.”

  • Innovation – We are truly committed to constant innovation.
  • Technology – Our professionals are skilled and experts on shaking the world of beauty.
  • Quality – Products from proven and tested quality.
  • Experience – Being throughout the world for years.
  • Products – Our products are the outcome of continuous research and the commitment of our professionals to effective and innovative quality, providing solutions for professional and homecare.
  • The wide range and high quality of our products are the answer to an ever-changing and demanding market and support our growth together with our partners. Therefore, Research & Development are crucial for us in order to create the most innovative skin treatment products.
  • Our Presence – 5 Continents. You will find us all around the world.
  • Overseas Business – Our brand is represented in 42 countries.


Weight 150 g

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