MISSMITO Mesotherapy Needle for DermaPen – 37 Pin Micro Needle Cartridge


37 Pin Micro-needle Cartridge for DermaPen

15 needles individually packed in one box

    • Derma pen helps the depths of skin more effectively absorb skin care products.
    • Microneedling Therapy DermaPen can be used for BB Glow treatment, wrinkle removal, face lifting, whitening, skin rejuvenation, scar removal, pigment and stretch marks removal.
    • Use the machine together with the skin care products, speed up the absorption of the nutrition.

Available only for purchases outside UK and EU.
UK purchase not available.

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DermaPen - Anti Aging Skin Microneedle Therapy System Device (Rechargeable Wireless)

  • Recommended for all skin types, including adults with sensitive or delicate skin.
  • Easy to use by Professionals in the clinic or at home.
  • Five different high speed and automatic high speed roll (max speed 8000~18000 turn per minute), producing twelve delivery channels.
  • Screw design, easy to plug needles in.
  • Replacement needles are available in our store.
  • 2 free needle cartridges included.
  • Only for the personal use, don't share with others in order to avoid infection. The needles are not reusable.

MTS (Micro-needle Therapy System)

The hottest aesthetic trend in the World

MTS is a treatment that helps to repair the skin by using small needles to stimulate fibroblast caused by physical damage to induce collagen production while allowing medicine with high molecular weight or skin products to effectively penetrate the skin.

How to use

You can use the MTS DermaPen depending on the diameter or length of the needle.
Usually, long needles about 1.0 – 2.0 mm are used in dermatology for quick results and require anesthetic cream before treatment.
For cases such as home skincare and aesthetic purposes, a short needle about 0.20 – 0.25 mm is used and does not require anesthetic cream.

Why you should use the MTS Device when applying skincare products

Skincare products stay stuck in the stratum corneum and are unable to penetrate completely into the skin. About only 0,03 % - 2% of skincare products are absorbed into the skin, and the rest remains on the outer layer of the skin and is washed away.
In order to increase the absorption rate of skincare products, we use a needle to administer the active ingredient directly into the skin.

Even in highly concentrated skincare products, the amount of effective ingredients absorbed into the outer layer of the skin is miniscule.

The effective ingredient of skincare products absorbed to the outer layer of skin is enhanced by delicate needling and then slowly absorbed into the dermis layer.

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