Stayve Booster Serum – Citron & Calendula Ampoule


  • A high quality Korean serum to calm, soothe sensitive skin, inhibition of inflammation
  • It is recommended before or during MTS traetment and as daily skin care product at home.
  • 100% AUTHENTIC
  • Size: Box set 10 pieces, each ampoule 8 ml
  • Buy ONE ampoule or the whole box.

Stayve Citron & Calendula Ampoule – SOOTHNESS FOR DRY SKIN & TROUBLED SKIN

Stayve Citron & Calendula Ampoule Contains Calendula Officinalis Flower as the main ingredient that is well known as Queen of skin calming.

  • The serum helps calm and soothe sensitive skin such as dry or cracked skin, also ideal for troubled skin as it helps inhibition of inflammation and strengthening skin tissue to heal wounds.
  • It also contains Citrus Limon Peel Oil that is ideal for oily and troubled skin by cleaning the skin.
  • Citron & Calendula serum can be used as a booster before or during MTS treatment to enhance the effect or as every day and night skincare.

  • 100% AUTHENTIC – Certificates of products authenticity are available on request.
  • Buy ONE Stayve Serum Booster ampoule or the whole box.


Before treatment, the skin should be properly prepared.
We recommend using Stayve Dermawhite Neutralizing FOAM and Dermawhite Exfoliating GEL.

You can use the MTS roller or DermaPan depending on the diameter or length of the needle.
Usually, long needles about 1.0 – 2.0 mm are used in dermatology for quick results and require anesthetic cream before treatment.
For cases such as home skincare and aesthetic purposes, a short needle about 0.20 – 0.25 mm is used and does not require anesthetic cream.

  • Alter cleansing skin gently exfoliate dead skin cells with exfoliant designed for MTS treatment.
  • After applying ampoule, perform MTS treatment on skin by using needling motion device or roller. Finish in 2 – 3 minutes.
  • Leave the ampoule on skin and apply a sheet mask to sooth the skin.
  • After 10 to 15 minutes, apply regenerating cream and sunscreen.


  • MTS treatment should be performed once a week with use of serum ampoules
  • MTS treatment is not recommended more than once a week.
  • It is recommended more than 4 – 5 times with regular period intervals.
  • Use ampoule in daily frequent basis for further skin benefit after MTS treatment.

After opening, store the product in a cool place avoiding direct sunlight and use up the product within a week.

Manufaturer: Stayve, Korea
Size: Boxset 10 pieces, each ampoule 8 ml

Weight 430 g

BOX, single ampoule

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