Mccosmetics – Azelaic Acid Peeling Pack


  • Azelaic Acid 25% (50ml)
  • Post-peeling neutralizing spray (50ml)
  • Treatment of acne and cutaneous hyperpigmentation
  • Indicated for acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea
  • Peeling for sensitive skin

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Mccosmetics Azelaic Acid Pack

Mccosmetics Azelaic Acid Pack is developed for the treatment of acne and cutaneous hyperpigmentation. The active principles of Azelaic Acid contain bacteriostatic properties and exhibit an inhibitory effect on tyrosinase production, reducing melanin synthesis.

Main characteristics & effects

A Dicarboxylic Acid that clears your pores. It works on inhibiting skin irritation and on the uppermost layer of the skin. Gently promotes cell turnover and it has antimicrobial properties. Milder peeling to treat acne.

  • Product category: Professional
  • Type of skin: Sensitive skin
  • Treatment area: Face
  • Recommended: Acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea
  • Main ingredients: Azelaic Acid 25%, presentation azelaic_acid (30ml), post-peeling spray (50ml)
  • Routine step: Treatment
  • Frequency: 1 session every 2 weeks | 4-6 sessions recommended


  • Apply after cleansing the skin.
  • Recommended maximum time of exposure: 5 minutes.
  • 3 layers of peeling can be applied depending on skin reaction and patient sensibility. Neutralize with mccosmetics® post-peeling neutralizing spray and remove with cold water.






  • The company is specialized in manufacturing and exporting cosmetic products developed for the health, beauty and wellbeing sector.
  • The main goal is to satisfy the clients’ needs offering them effective solutions for facial and body treatments through the best selection of active ingredients.
  • All the mccosmetics products are created due to the expertise and research of capable professionals with years of experience.

The company guarantee:

“We want to offer our clients long term trust based on mutual benefits.”

  • Innovation – We are truly committed to constant innovation.
  • Technology – Our professionals are skilled and experts on shaking the world of beauty.
  • Quality – Products from proven and tested quality.
  • Experience – Being throughout the world for years.
  • Products – Our products are the outcome of continuous research and the commitment of our professionals to effective and innovative quality, providing solutions for professional and homecare.
  • The wide range and high quality of our products are the answer to an ever-changing and demanding market and support our growth together with our partners. Therefore, Research & Development are crucial for us in order to create the most innovative skin treatment products.
  • Our Presence – 5 Continents. You will find us all around the world.
  • Overseas Business – Our brand is represented in 42 countries.


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